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MetaV Studios is a hybrid metaverse ecosystem interconnecting metaverse business development, networking, events, artists, real estate and education objectives. MetaV Studios is an effective bridge that educates and onboards Web 2 consumers to Web 3. We execute our objectives by utilizing our IP, services, assets, and community that focuses on increasing accessibility to Web 3 and the metaverse for brands, artists, and corporations.
A significant part of the MetaV Studios mission and platform is founded upon education, with another pillar rooted in networking and business development – founded upon a metaverse environment designed with the technological capacity to allow individuals to build, buy, sell, and rent metaverse real estate.
MetaV Studio’s journey has been organic from the beginning. We have a talented team of professionals across many industries with varying degrees of exceptional expertise and skill sets such as:
  • Metaverse and Web 3 Developers
  • Executive leadership and Industry Strategists
  • Advertisement and Marketing Experts
  • Social Media and Community Managers
  • Cryptocurrency and Metaverse Educators
  • Organizational and Project Management Professionals