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My bio is a story like Forrest Gump, I’ve done so much in the time that I’ve been on this earth. Stories that are life shattering and some times unbelievable. However im one who has learned from my past mistakes and errors, choices and decisions, b/c of my last choices and decisions, gifted me 60 month sentence from the ones I love most.
I was sent to the b.o.p for those who don’t know that is the Bureau of Prisons. I’ve had all the big cars,women,money vacations,champagne and even great opportunities and I would have given it all up for my FREEDOM if it were possible.
Now that i have been released on this aug 4th 2010 back into society with a new mind set, I plan on making a big difference in my self image. You find out how many friends You have when your locked behind bars. Still I blame no one but myself for the bad choices and decisions that I made. One of the most IMPORTANT things I learned is that Life Is Not a Practice Session.

We must impose upon ourselves a new discipline, and develop a new attitude about life that motivates us and inspires others.We cannot keep waiting for a foolproof opportunity to come by before we force ourselves to get serious. We must identify our opportunity and embrace it. We must breathe our talent and our vigor and our new sense of urgency into its existence and discover all that we can do.We cannot allow ourselves to dwell upon the risks in every opportunity. Instead, we must seize the opportunity that is inherent in every risk, knowing that we must sometimes run the risk of going too far in order to discover how far we really must go.And that is how my mind set is at this time. So here is something for those who want to try something new check out

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